This is a list of our services:

  • Wirtschaft

    White-collor Criminality

    In recent years, statistics show almost half of all companies in Germany are victims of white-collar ciminality. details...
  • Schwarzarbeit

    Illegal Deployment, Social Fraud

    Do you suspect that employees have secondary jobs, although it is prohibited by the employment contract? Details...
  • Ermittlungen, Observationen

    Investigations, Observations

    Our detectives have the ability to observe people absolutely inconspicuous. details...
  • Ehestreit

    Marital Conflicts, Child Support

    Do you presume, that your partner has a relationship to another person? details...
  • Jugendumgang

    Youth Dealings

    Using discrete investigations we can help you monitoring the contacts of your children and provide the necessary insight. details...